Where are you looking for a job?

You have the skills and experience. Now, let us connect you to some of the
top industrial employers across the country.

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It’s More Than a Job. It’s an Opportunity

We’re not just a job board. We’re a partner in building your future. When you apply
to a job with ITS Staffing Solutions, you’re connecting with a job ally who will:

• Match your interests and expertise to the right employer
• Set you up for success on day one
• Help you build the necessary skills to secure permanent work

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In it For The Long Haul

When we connect you to work with high profile clients, it’s our goal to help you
make the relationship long-term. After you have showcased your expertise and
commitment on the job site, permanent work may be available which makes for:

• Job security
• Better wages and more hours
• Potential for vacation and benefits

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Health-Focused and Work-Safe

When ITS Staffing Solutions connects you to your next employer, we are focused
on your safety and success. That’s why an injury and accident-free workplace is our goal. ITS Staffing Solutions works closely with of our client partners to provide site-specific knowledge and training to ensure a safe working environment. Our best practices include:

• Active membership in Access Safety Groups where standards exceed OHSA requirements
• Consulting with professional associations like WSPS
• Keeping abreast of current trends and legislation
• Formal OHSA training for I.T.S. internal staff

Our staff competencies include:

• CHRP designation and/or candidates
• WSIB Benefits/Entitlement Certification
• JHSC Certification
• First Aid
• Post-Graduate & undergraduate HRM Certificates

Great Work Gets Recognized

We want to create a positive work environment for you, where your great work gets
recognized. Our employee appreciation programs reward hard work throughout your
employment, which includes referral incentives and absentee record rewards.

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5 Best Practices for Success

At ITS Staffing solutions, we love to watch job seekers succeed. Here are some
tips to get you started:

1. Review your Resume
Make sure it’s tailored to the jobs you’re interested in, that it highlights your areas of
expertise, and that you’ve proofread the copy to ensure it’s error-free.

2. Get Prepared
Practice your pitch and make sure you can speak clearly on how your past experience
and skill set relate to the jobs you’re interested in applying for.

3. Be Interview-Ready
Dress for success, be punctual, be informed, and prepare your own questions
ahead of time.

4. Make a Lasting First Impression
Once hired, show up to work on time and when you’re scheduled, be reliable,
and stay focused on the tasks at handed.

5. Keep Communication Lines Open
Communicate with ITS Staffing Solutions to make the most out of your job.