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Specialized Staffing Solutions

Your business is unique. And at ITS Staffing Solutions, we specialize in
temporary warehouse staffing and 3PL services. We are intimately familiar
with the specific challenges your industry faces, and what talent you need
most to ensure smooth operations. Our services include:

• Candidate sourcing
• Candidate screening
• Candidate skills testing
• Temporary placement

• Contract placement
• Permanent placement
• Placement guarantee
• Criminal background checks

The ITS Difference

ITS Staffing Solutions believes in equitable employment. We ensure fair and equal
opportunities for all candidates and treat all potential employees with respect and
dignity. Passionate about creating a positive and inclusive experience, ITS Staffing
Solutions is committed to helping candidates get ahead through professional
development programs, incentives, and recognition and rewards.

Rooted in Core Values

Our commitment to clients and employee success is guided by our core values:

• Ensure a safe, and respectful work environment for everyone
• Continue to be an innovative industry role model
• Employ highly specialized and qualified internal staff
• Commit to life-long learning in growth in Human Resources, Equity, and Health & Safety

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