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ITS Staffing Solutions has helped many individuals of all backgrounds gain valuable work experience and has assisted in the development of learning critical skills in the workforce. While ITS Staffing Solutions provides temporary roles, with good work effort and ambition the transition into a full-time role within the company or outside is simple. Below, Sahara shares her story of how ITS Staffing Solutions helped her find work in Canada after immigrating to Canada.

Hello there, My name is Sahara, I am 52 years old and a mother of three beautiful children. In 2014, my husband got relocated from our home in India to Canada for work. Together as a family of five, we left all of our family and friends to start a new life in a country we had not been to before. Back home in India, I worked as a Teller in one of India’s top banks. However, upon arriving in Canada I had a lot of trouble finding work to help support my family.

That is why I am so thankful to ITS Staffing Solutions as it was them who took a chance on me and helped get me into the Canadian workforce. I did not realise how important Canadian work experience was when applying for jobs in Canada. My job credentials from back home were not getting me the jobs I wished to work here. To me I never thought I was unqualified for the roles I was applying to, but my credentials in the eyes of the employers did not hold my work experiences to the same degree as Canadian ones. I was applying to jobs for around four months until I found the ITS Staffing Solutions job board online. The next day I went by their staffing recruitment office, dropped off my resume and applied for a job. The people in the office made me feel welcomed and valued, which was something I greatly appreciated, as my self-esteem was low from my lack of job opportunities.

The process to apply did not take long and soon I received the call that I got the job. I was able to start work the following Monday. This was a big relief for me because the holidays were coming up and we wanted to make Christmas extra special for the children as it would be their first Christmas away from our extended families. ITS Staffing Solutions provided me with a temporary Full-Time job opportunity in a warehouse not too far from my house. The location was convenient to get to as public transportation was not far. I was able to pick my working hours that best fit my schedule as they had multiple time slots. I also received good money for the work I was doing, this showed me they respected me as a worker and a person. The best part of it all was that I did not need to have had previous work experience in Canada or had previously needed to have worked in a warehouse.

The job itself was very rewarding and fulfilling. I worked as part of a team, working under my supervisor who was not only motivating but kind. I grew close with the people I worked alongside. I did not expect to find friendships in my job, but the atmosphere within the warehouse made it easy to develop close relationships. I became close enough friends with the other employees on my team that we set up a carpool routine. I felt fulfilled going to work as I knew I was a valuable team member and that my team was relying on me to show up. While this is a temporary job agency, I got hired under a contract and felt the positive impact of job security. Since I was struggling for so long to find a job, the idea that I had stable work for the upcoming months lifted a big weight off of my shoulders.

Throughout my four years working under ITS Staffing Solutions I gained experience but also key takeaway skills that I use every day now. I was able to work in an environment that allowed me to grow my skills and gave me opportunities to move up in my job. I started in a temporary general labour position and by the end I was a manager. When I first started working I was making a few dollars above minimum wage at the time. After only being hired for five months I got promoted to a permanent full-time role. This was not only rewarding for me as I felt recognized but rewarding for my family as my pay and benefits also increased. One of those benefits being more vacation days. Not even a year into this role, but I was making enough money and was given enough time off for vacation that I would be able to go home to India to visit my family. This went a long way for me as I enjoyed going into work knowing that I could get promoted again with the potential for more benefits. During my time working with them I felt my value as a worker increase as they saw potential in me. ITS Staffing Solutions trusted that I was a good worker and gave me opportunities to improve. Through them I was able to get my forklift operator certificate, which allowed me to move up in the company. Not only did this increase my responsibility at work, it increased my pay wage as well. Eventually I got promoted to a manager and was given the chance to help motivate others who were in the position I was previously. Being a manager was the most fulfilling role as I was able to transition others into the Canadian workforce. I built relationships with senior management which helped me land my current job as I was able to have great references. I stayed motivated at work as I was always given opportunities to do and achieve more.

As I already said, I am beyond grateful for ITS Staffing Solutions. This company allowed me to work on and develop my skills and gave me my first working opportunity in Canada. Without them I would not have been able to land my job now, which is better suited for my career path. ITS Staffing Solutions gave me the stepping stone I needed in Canada and they can help you as well.

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